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7 Pinterest Holiday Tips to Monetize Your Travel Blog

Pinterest is a HUGE source of inspiration during the holiday season for holiday ideas, last minute gifts and winter travel. As a travel blogger, you might think that you don’t stand a chance on Pinterest next to big lifestyle bloggers and online retailers. You might be tempted to skip the holiday season altogether. But that would be a huge mistake! These Pinterest holiday tips and hacks will help you boost your holiday season traffic on Pinterest and monetize it.

1. Join affiliate programs and sort our your display ads early

If you plan to make it rain dollar bills (or other currencies) during the holiday season, you need to get your ducks in row ahead of time. Now we won’t go into detail into the nitty gritty of travel blog monetization here – I actually recommend this great post from Slaying Social about all the ways you can monetize your travel blog for tons of great info on the topic. But my point is, join relevant affiliate programs, apply for ad networks and figure out your display ads a few weeks (ideally months) before the holiday season kicks into gear the day after Halloween.

2. Create last minute winter and holiday travel content

If you haven’t finished writing your Winter and Christmas travel guides, make sure you wrap them up by mid November so you can start promoting them on Pinterest immediately. Usually I recommend writing Winter and Christmas topics by the end of September and doing a soft Pinterest launch in September/October. Then come November 1 you can start doubling down your effort and really pushing your holiday content.

If you don’t have enough Christmas travel content yet, you can still whip up a post in a few days so you have a bit more content to work with for the next few weeks. People will be enjoying Christmas markets and holiday activities through the end of December so it is not too late! Consider putting together a quick turnaround blogger collab post by joining the Travel Collab Posts Opportunities. Pinterest relies very heavily on seasonal content (more than it ever has in the past) so having a few Winter and Christmas articles will be key for travel related traffic in November and December.

3. Plan next year’s holiday content THIS YEAR

This is probably one of the most important Pinterest holiday tips! Creating holiday content is downright challenging for travel bloggers: the window of opportunity to photograph and experience Christmas events/displays is really short. By the time they’re up on running, it’s obviously way too late to write a whole article about them. So you need to play the long game : do all of your keyword research and start planning for next year. if you are lucky enough to be in a prime location for Christmas and holiday events, get all the content you need right now. Next October you’ll be ready to rumble and have lots of great blog posts lined up.

4. Write specific gift guides for your niche

It’s no secret that gift guides are HUGE on Pinterest, but it is also a very crowded space with high competition! A vague “10 Gifts for Her” blog post with a few Amazon links is NOT going to cut it. Make sure you write something specific to your niche, whether it’s budget backpackers or luxury family travel.

Download this freebie for 20 gift guide ideas for travel bloggers!

Don’t try to write too many gift guides, especially if it is your first holiday season as a blogger trying to monetize. Choose a few topics your audience will enjoy and focus on promoting those heavily on Pinterest and other social platforms. Choose unique and fun gifts and avoid listing the top 5 things that come up on Amazon – literally everyone will be listing those!

Finally, make sure to write your gift guides specifically for 2019 but don’t include the date in your URL. That way you can recycle them next year and continue to promote then (and just update the year in your title).

5. Make sure you update products in old gift guides

If you have old gift guides on your site, make sure you update the products and promote them again this year! Pinterest sometimes picks up a really old pin for no reason and gives it overnight reach. It would be a shame to miss out on affiliate revenue because all the products are sold out.

Make sure you create new pins for old gift guides along with your new ones. There is absolutely no need to re-write a good gift guide, you can promote old guides if they have been updated!

6. Create Holiday Boards on Pinterest

Now that your holiday posts and gift guides are ready, it’s time to promote them on Pinterest. I recommend creating a few holiday boards as opposed to using only your country and continent boards for holiday content. If you plan on having gift guides, make sure you have a few boards for them to go into.

7. Branch out and join Holiday Tribes

If you use Tailwind Tribes feature as a travel blogger, chances are you are only a member of Travel tribes. To promote gift guides, it can be a good idea to look for more general tribes to join (holidays, Christmas, etc…) to reach a different audience.

Here you have them… the most simple Pinterest holiday tips to monetize your travel blog this holiday season.

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Julie totally transformed my Pinterest account and the look of my pins.  She is always helpful in giving me advice...

Caitlin - My Darling Passport

Julie Laundis

Caitlin - My Darling Passport

Julie totally transformed my Pinterest account and the look of my pins.  She is always helpful in giving me advice about my content and considerably increased my Pinterest reach and clicks to my site.
Julie Laundis
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